Volleyball Tournament





  • Team registration will not be accepted until all team members registrations have been submitted and fees have been paid.
    • Team Fees: $40 per player
    • Minor Waiver (If under the age of 18)
    • Adult Waiver
    • Please include team name on top right-hand corner of waivers.
    • Waivers will be available at the Sun of a Beach event, however team members will not be allowed to play until their waiver has been signed and submitted.

Tournament Rules

All registered players are required to sign an Accident Waiver/Liability Release form prior to participating in the tournament

  • Team registrations will not be accepted until all players have submitted their signed waiver.
  • Matches will consist of two 12-minute timed games.
  • Teams must consist of a minimum of 6 players; 8 player maximum
    • There is a minimum of 4 players on the court and a maximum of 6 players, during a match, at one time.
    • This is a co-ed tournament. There must be at least 2 females and 2 males on each team, with at least 1 female and 1 male on the court at a time.
    • If a team cannot provide 6 players (with at least 2 females, 2 males) or 4 players (with at least 1 female, 1 male) for a match, they will forfeit that match.
  • Volleyball Canada rules apply.
    • Rally point scores will be totalled to declare a winner.
    • A tie game is based on each team having identical points over the 2-12 minute games and the match will be declared by a 3-minute overtime game.
  • All team members must show their wristband to the referee before the start of the game
    • Damaged/tampered wristbands will be deemed void – Replacement wristbands will be available at a cost of $20.
  • Teams not ready to play within 10 minutes of the scheduled match time will lose by forfeit. The Referee shall declare the match forfeited to the team that is on hand and “ready to play”. For each minute a team is late, the opposing team will receive a point.
  • Referee’s decision is final unless over-ridden by Tournament Chairpersons.
  • In the event your team receives a “bye” – that match will be considered as a 1 game of your 3 game guarantee.

Due to the size complexity of the draw, ALL teams are required to be available by 6:30 pm on Friday.  Games begin at 2:00 p.m. on Friday—please indicate, on your team registration form, the earliest time your team can be at the Keystone Centre and we will do our best to TRY to accommodate your team. 




For the purposes of this event a forfeit is defined as:

  • Non-appearance
  • Late appearance (10 minutes past scheduled game time).
  • Less than the required number of players at game time.
    • If a team cannot provide 6 players (with at least 2 females, 2 males) or 4 players (with at least 1 female, 1 male) for a match, they will forfeit that match.
  • Use of an ineligible player
    • Any team that uses an unregistered player, uses a player who participates under an assumed name, or uses a player who is registered to another team shall forfeit the match in which the ineligible player is discovered.
    • Ineligible players will have their wristband removed and will be disqualified from the tournament.

Ready to Play

Registered teams must be at the playing area with appropriate tournament wristbands on and with the minimum required number of players that comprise of that team.